Tuesday, 9 December 2008

the brum first rounds are done! incoming quarter finals...

nov. 15th


2p v's Sam Bevlak
Goonism (no show - zuki stepped up) v's Obenzah

ello friends and foes..
its a lot

and it went like this.
With Mr Slobodan away on his holidays i was going to be a busy boy on this one.. but of course Keithy G, Didi and various SW brum fam were on point to give me a hand (respect due to all of you who helped!) With the boards all put up and all prepared by 5pm we were set for a big night. Punters began to roll in about 9 and the stage was set. Artists Bevlak, Obenzah and Josh 2pence all appeared in plenty of time, all pretty nervous but well up for it... but where was the big goon???!! The clock ticked along.. more and more punters rolled in. Tension mounted.

By around 10 pm i was beginning to worry about the fact there was no sign of Goonism. But after a few hours of trying to contact him, it was apparent we had a no show on our hands... this has never happened before so i was somewhat confused as to what to do. By half 10 it was decided that Obenzah would go through.. but then at the last minute Brum writer "Zuki" stepped in...

so we had 2 battles. The ever hungry crowd watched on in anticipation. a late start.. in a standardly packed out Rainbow pub began. It was obvious that there was some serious skills at this battle with all 4 of the artists going for it straight away. An intense hour and a half followed with our 4 judges milling about the area making notes... By the time the judging came the crowd were really hyped for the crowd vote. With an unprepared Zuki battling, Obenzah easily took the 1st crowd vote and then subsequently the 2 judges vote to go through.The 2p/Bevlak crowd vote then went down.. and both battlers bizarrely got the same db reading at 103.00 exactly. Then a crowd vote each and we had a tie..

so we did the crowd vote again and Bevlak took it by literally a point on the decibel reader to go through.. soooooooooooooo Obenzah and Sam Bevlak go through to the quarter finals.

some flicks for your perusal..

josh 2 pence

sam bevlak

check out www.myspace.com/secretwarsbrum for a video and more photos from the night..

so a big merry christmas from the brum team!

and roll on this badboy
check out - http://www.myspace.com/defdfires
who will be joining us in brum for our first series 2 quarter final

seeds and slobs
brum fam

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