Tuesday, 17 November 2009


So..... the Birmingham Squad has now been decided ... and it is TX that goes on to join the other 5 artists in the travelling squad going out to represent themselves and Birmingham in the all new Secret Wars Warriors Competition

Plenty heads came and supported their local artists on a chilly night in Digbeth.. BIG up to all of ya.... again a quality vibe, plenty of opinions flowing about ... and plenty new faces in the crowd too ..... all hype

Title dragged himself from his sick-bed, landed bang on time and got straight to work.... chucking up a character with his signature self-portrait face on a giant Judge Dread style robot body ..

...the ever confident TX went BIG straight up with an instant stab at Title's penchant for drawing his own face.. suggesting Title may be more at home on a sea front doodling characatures..

the night rolled on ... plenty of crowd interaction and banter from our man Keithy "Gun Noises" G ... with his ever present bottle of beer in hand .. >

BIG up Rob Skank yet again from The Bench 504 for his little box of goodies... which Slobz was well keen to get into as u can see..

BIG thanks to our judges... Rick from The Night Times ... and our guest MC "Suspekt" who both voted TX .. agreeing with the crowd .. to make it 3-0 .. TX goin into the BIG BRUM SQUAD

A great little tournament im sure all in attendance would agree ...
BIG up all the artists that fell...
BIG up the crowds that came n shouted n screamed their opinions ...
BIG up the DJs...


Sunday, 8 November 2009






After 3 and a half years of single battle series locally in over 20 countries, we have decided to try something different and potentially more exciting for 2010... Introducing the European Warriors series!

"When we started Secret Wars 3 years ago, it was influenced heavily by various things from the Marvel comic, to Warriors and Fight Club. After experiencing the team battles around the World and seeing the benefits of this compared to the singles battles, we decided on trying it as a complete 6-8 month series!"

"I have noticed the crowds are more vocal and patriotic towards team battles - there seems to be more at stake and I love watching the artists free-styling alongside each other.... You never know what will come out the other end!"
Terry Guy (Founder of Monorex and Secret Wars)

The rules are the same but the structure of the competition and dynamics of the battle are slightly different - see below for details.

How the competition will work & when

There will be 8-10 teams/cities involved in next years competition, and each city will select 6 artists to part of a squad. Each team will select 2-3 wildcard entries consisting of previous champs and general bad boys! The remaining members will be picked at the local qualifiers.

City selection events - November / December 09 (Check Secret Wars website for dates)
  • Each city will call out and actively invite people down to jam and show off their skills
  • Draw will take place to decide what team is which group (A or B)
1st Round - Group league qualifiers
  • Two groups of 4-5 teams with the top two teams qualifying
  • Rather than a knockout cup comp, we have decided to make this a little more interesting and maybe fairer - Each game will be a league match with each judge vote and crowd vote worth a point!
  • Each team will play home and away against the others in their group
Semi finals

With the top two teams going through from each group, we will be left with 4 teams.

The winner of GROUP A will play the 2nd place of GROUP B and the winner of GROUP B will play the runners up of GROUP A.


These will also be home and away ties - with the winning team decided on total points earned over the two games. If the points are level than it will be decided by the team who gets the most away points.


This will be hosted at a neutral venue, TBC nearer the time

More info to be announced! watch this space

Apply now if you are interested in being part of a team - you can apply to as many cities as you like.

Possible cities involved:
  • London
  • Dublin
  • Southampton
  • Bristol
  • Dublin
  • Glasgow
  • Malmo
  • Berlin
  • Lisbon
  • Birmingham
  • Cardiff

Monday, 2 November 2009



Quality artwork all round yet again ... these artists definately know what they're doing, and whoever wins the place on the Brum squad will have certainly earned it. Roo stepped up her game massively this round ...

But was out-done by TX ...

And the old-school ruled as the man Title ...
booted As-One out of the competition by just 0.6 of a decibel
MASSIVE props to all the artists ... pieces were all tight. MASSIVE props to all that came down to shout ... those readings were tight ... and finally MASSIVE props to the DJs ... beats were supertight all night long. BIG up SWBHM .. hold tight for the GRAND FINAL in two weeks time TX v TITLE !!!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


This little tournament's really hotting up now .... we've now seen all 8 artists have a go .... 4 have fallen .... the semi-final's await for the 4 that remain ...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Round 2 of our Team Qualifier Competition arrives off the back of a very successful 1st round which saw Roo beat stand in (last,last minute BIG props) artist Matte Chapman.....

and Spanish Brummie TX with his super confident style ......

beat Sylph by 2 judges votes to 1 crowd vote ...

nice nice vibes all round... quality artwork all round .. some hungry artists in this competition.... next up 18th OCT >> TITLE v BRAINS >>> AS-ONE v SOL1R..
...hold tight !

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Brum team qualifier rounds

Hello wars fans!

The team versus team series is approaching on the horizon and we are having a mini series / tournament to pick our team.. details to follow, but a quick heads up for your artists and fans alike. Stick these dates in your calendar..

4 Oct 2009
Rainbow Pub, Digbeth, Birmingham

18 Oct 2009
Rainbow Pub, Digbeth, Birmingham

1 Nov 2009
Rainbow Pub, Digbeth, Birmingham

15 Nov 2009
Rainbow Pub, Digbeth, Birmingham

This mini series will comprise of 8 artists battling over the 4 dates for a place in the Brum team.. these dates will be Sunday all-dayer sessions, with all our usual resident dj's and standard frolics.

Wanna enter? send 10 images of your work and a brief bio to:
and we will be in touch

*and to everyone who has already emailed us, don't worry we will get back to you!

*facebookers! peep the first event page HERE



Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Rainbow Street Festival x aug. 1st

one bedford ice cream van (boy this took some emulsioning!)

Saturday the first of Aug. 09 is a date for the history books, the St. fest was huge, massive in fact. Its monday morning now and i am seriously still in pain. Rave ache at its best this morn.. but boy was it worth it.

newso rocks the logo up

With the whole street sectioned off, we (secretwars brum team) found ourselves down the bottom end of the street by the warehouse doors, with Bigger than Barry's giant marquee next door. We had a reet nice and cosy set up though, with one ice cream van to draw on and an ad trailer just in case we needed it. We dj'ed out of the van whilst brum kings Agent, Newso, Posh 1, Roo and Title made it beautiful...
here's some flicks from our keith holland:

We smashed our little rig to bits with Automaton, Slobz and Skeleton + Royal kicking things off playing a variety of different stuff from broken beat glitchy business to straight up and down hip hop killers. It all got pretty Gas Lamp up in there! We were all pretty tipsy by about 11/12 ish and the obvious tomfoolery began with Seeds standing on the roof at one stage waving himself about like a fool as the security boys panikced trying to get him down.

an out of focus seeds on the roof

We did plan on having a battle on the trailer about this time but the artists were still well into the van, and the mad 300+ ravers and fans where goin mad for it so we just murk'd on hard scecret wars style.

Dan Dna and an almost finished van

Jem Atkins then fed the crowd a ton of party hip hop and they loved it.. a quick slot from mr Dan Dna from the GOTAW (gotaw.co.uk) and then, if i remember rightly, Slobz took the helm again for a secondary session before Boogie Dave finished us off with his deadly blend of dubstep pressure. Big up all the dj's who played late against our failing needles! all the artists obviously, you all killed it, big up all the many people involved with the street festival in general, especially Adam Shelton, and most of all the crowds!! we love you all.

out to you guys.....

We unfortunately didn't get shots of the fully finished van as of yet, due to the fact is was such chaos at the end of the night we simply couldn't get them. However we will get some this week..so keep checking back!
more photo's on ur myspace here > myspace.com/secretwarsbrum

much love and respect

KeeefyG / Seeedz / Slobz

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Southampton V Birmingham final piece and video footage

Big shout to Ash Cooke
for this lovely layout shot of the recent city v city smackdown...

its too big for the blogger so click it for a larger version in a new window

nice 1 Ash!

and here's the footage >>

Secret wars-Birmingham vs Southampton from Trav on Vimeo.

BIG up Trav EXM


our highly anticipated dvd of brums second series is nearly ready
apologies for the delay..
we will be hopefully giving away some promo copies of it on aug. 1st as well as some other goodies.. so get down early folks!

here's the trailer in case you aint seen it yet..

Secret wars Brum DVD advert from Trav on Vimeo.

see ya soon


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Birmingham v Southampton - full report

Hi wars fans
Its all been happening in middle earth of late as last weekend saw the first of hopefully a 3 series between Brumtown and Sarrrfhampton. The first round being held at the new Brum venue "The Garden" (down the road a little and run the same fam as our usual venue the Rainbow Pub) It was a scorcher of a day and we were knackered from emulsioning the giant new white panel. But excited as we knew the very same panel would be beautiful 12 hrs later with the help of the two, 3 man teams. Namely..

Southampton - Rem1 / Pykee / Dirty30
Birmingham - Phill Blake / Newso / Ouch

We rolled out the red carpet and got the Eddings out (nice 1 Andy G)

With 2 champs on our side we were feeling pretty confident, but as we kicked off the battle i must admit us Brummies were a little worried as Rem and 30 started putting up nasty looking, big characters really fast.. However our boys soon caught up and Ouch began a crazy landscape for the whole Brum end of the panel, with a sick gallion at the far end, it was on.

Rem 1 goes big!

Phill's world

Ill Phill Blake the purple killer

Slobodan and Skeleton supplied us with a silky selection of beats and breaks as ink spilled.. big respect goes out to our Skelly who ran about in the day smacking up A0 posters in the sun, then still came and totally rinsed out the place. The giant 3 on 3 panel continued to grow as about 6 photographers flashed away (where's ya photo's then people!? big up Witts and Keef - Seeds)

The panel got sicker and sicker and as the battle drew to a close it obviously didn't matter who was gonna win.. the panel is a journey and a half. And can still be seen at the "Garden" in Digbeth at the moment if you fancy a look. Everyone had a great time as standard and all the artists were chuffed with the overal piece, big up ya selfs boys! (+ girl!)
But in the end Brumtown took it 3 nil to win the first stage. Bad luck Southampton! We'll be down to see you guys soon. Tons of thanks..
Out to Rem1, Pykee and Dirty30

It looked a little something like this (big up Witts on the photo's)

Dirty30 and Rem murking it!

Brums final side.. feel the Phill Blake skull power

Almost the whole panel

Thanks to everyone who showed out on such a hot day, big ups.

1-0 to Birmingham.. keep em peeled for more intercity news soon


Monday, 18 May 2009

animated ad. for the 30th by Trav

check it..

big up trav

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

up, and a long time coming ... intercity battle in brumtown !!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

official photo's from witts now online

once again congratulations to Phill Blake
series 2 birmingham champion
keep your eye on his website for news on what he's up to next @

there's some great shots on witt's flickr
to look at the whole lot visit this link >

nice 1 mr witts!

here's a few of the champ in action

sw brum

Monday, 13 April 2009

Philth is the new SW Brum champion...

the full report .. >>>

In brum we know how to do hype. we like hype. secret wars is hype hype hype. so the week before the final we got our man that can mr tony cryze to rock this up opposite the venue..

BIG tings.

So the day arrived, and a historic day it was to be. With an ad trailer 3 panels wide in the centre of the main room and tiered staging around it, we had our arena looking good. we also had all our previous round videos playing on a projector nearby.. all was set. chu, newso, kungfo, zoot, n4 and even philth himslef did some painting on the outside walls of the venue earlier on in the day as we set up. some relly nice stuff too. will slot some pics in here asap

With a general buzz about the place, we were ready to make history once again in brumtown. crew rolled up right on time as the doors opened at 10pm. with a great atmosphere developing the various residents kept the beats and ryhmes flowing and people got a spot in anticipation of what was to be a killer battle. a seemingly nervous sam bevlak and a standardly chilled phill blake were both hungry for the crown . . .

royal gets things rockin..

and battle commences at bang on midnight 00:00

Bevlak begins his piece with a spilt ink bottle ...

..which eventually flows into the waves which support Gallion Bevlak; laden with giant edding cannons on a mission to wipe out the Phillth from the streets of Brum.

Phill puts up what seems to be the outlines of a big burner ....

and later adds a sting in his pieces tail with "bevwak" tied to a tree..

skeleton and royal alongside seeds and a superhuman glowing reeps kill sound during the battle..

the crowd, judges, media, bar staff and even security were transfixed as both artists went to work. As the 2 hours passed really quickly, suddenly it was judging time .... rhubarb radio representative Danny gave the first vote to Bevlak..

then World DMC Champion 2008 DJ Switch gave one vote to Phill.

It was all down to the crowd .... and by a few decibels (four i think) Phill took it !

seeds and slobz getting the decibel reader filmed..
so we have a new king in Brum .... Phill Blake aka Philth takes the crown.. aswell as £1000, a MASSIVE box of EDDING prizes, a MASSIVE box of BENCH504 goodies and the accollade of

video coming soon..

here's some flicks of the final panels

Phill's >

Bevlaks >

wanna know more about the brum champ?
check his website > http://www.phillblakeillustration.co.uk
you can also buy new PB prints from subism.co.uk
here's a direct link > http://new.subism.co.uk/2009/04/new-prints-just-in-from-philth/
keep your eye on http://www,myspace.com/secretwarsbrum for the video and other news
see ya soon..
one love to brumtown, thanks for reaching!
congrats to the new king
seeds, slobz and keefy g