Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Rainbow Street Festival x aug. 1st

one bedford ice cream van (boy this took some emulsioning!)

Saturday the first of Aug. 09 is a date for the history books, the St. fest was huge, massive in fact. Its monday morning now and i am seriously still in pain. Rave ache at its best this morn.. but boy was it worth it.

newso rocks the logo up

With the whole street sectioned off, we (secretwars brum team) found ourselves down the bottom end of the street by the warehouse doors, with Bigger than Barry's giant marquee next door. We had a reet nice and cosy set up though, with one ice cream van to draw on and an ad trailer just in case we needed it. We dj'ed out of the van whilst brum kings Agent, Newso, Posh 1, Roo and Title made it beautiful...
here's some flicks from our keith holland:

We smashed our little rig to bits with Automaton, Slobz and Skeleton + Royal kicking things off playing a variety of different stuff from broken beat glitchy business to straight up and down hip hop killers. It all got pretty Gas Lamp up in there! We were all pretty tipsy by about 11/12 ish and the obvious tomfoolery began with Seeds standing on the roof at one stage waving himself about like a fool as the security boys panikced trying to get him down.

an out of focus seeds on the roof

We did plan on having a battle on the trailer about this time but the artists were still well into the van, and the mad 300+ ravers and fans where goin mad for it so we just murk'd on hard scecret wars style.

Dan Dna and an almost finished van

Jem Atkins then fed the crowd a ton of party hip hop and they loved it.. a quick slot from mr Dan Dna from the GOTAW (gotaw.co.uk) and then, if i remember rightly, Slobz took the helm again for a secondary session before Boogie Dave finished us off with his deadly blend of dubstep pressure. Big up all the dj's who played late against our failing needles! all the artists obviously, you all killed it, big up all the many people involved with the street festival in general, especially Adam Shelton, and most of all the crowds!! we love you all.

out to you guys.....

We unfortunately didn't get shots of the fully finished van as of yet, due to the fact is was such chaos at the end of the night we simply couldn't get them. However we will get some this week..so keep checking back!
more photo's on ur myspace here > myspace.com/secretwarsbrum

much love and respect

KeeefyG / Seeedz / Slobz

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