Monday, 13 April 2009

Philth is the new SW Brum champion...

the full report .. >>>

In brum we know how to do hype. we like hype. secret wars is hype hype hype. so the week before the final we got our man that can mr tony cryze to rock this up opposite the venue..

BIG tings.

So the day arrived, and a historic day it was to be. With an ad trailer 3 panels wide in the centre of the main room and tiered staging around it, we had our arena looking good. we also had all our previous round videos playing on a projector nearby.. all was set. chu, newso, kungfo, zoot, n4 and even philth himslef did some painting on the outside walls of the venue earlier on in the day as we set up. some relly nice stuff too. will slot some pics in here asap

With a general buzz about the place, we were ready to make history once again in brumtown. crew rolled up right on time as the doors opened at 10pm. with a great atmosphere developing the various residents kept the beats and ryhmes flowing and people got a spot in anticipation of what was to be a killer battle. a seemingly nervous sam bevlak and a standardly chilled phill blake were both hungry for the crown . . .

royal gets things rockin..

and battle commences at bang on midnight 00:00

Bevlak begins his piece with a spilt ink bottle ...

..which eventually flows into the waves which support Gallion Bevlak; laden with giant edding cannons on a mission to wipe out the Phillth from the streets of Brum.

Phill puts up what seems to be the outlines of a big burner ....

and later adds a sting in his pieces tail with "bevwak" tied to a tree..

skeleton and royal alongside seeds and a superhuman glowing reeps kill sound during the battle..

the crowd, judges, media, bar staff and even security were transfixed as both artists went to work. As the 2 hours passed really quickly, suddenly it was judging time .... rhubarb radio representative Danny gave the first vote to Bevlak..

then World DMC Champion 2008 DJ Switch gave one vote to Phill.

It was all down to the crowd .... and by a few decibels (four i think) Phill took it !

seeds and slobz getting the decibel reader filmed..
so we have a new king in Brum .... Phill Blake aka Philth takes the crown.. aswell as £1000, a MASSIVE box of EDDING prizes, a MASSIVE box of BENCH504 goodies and the accollade of

video coming soon..

here's some flicks of the final panels

Phill's >

Bevlaks >

wanna know more about the brum champ?
check his website >
you can also buy new PB prints from
here's a direct link >
keep your eye on http://www, for the video and other news
see ya soon..
one love to brumtown, thanks for reaching!
congrats to the new king
seeds, slobz and keefy g

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