Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Birmingham v Southampton - full report

Hi wars fans
Its all been happening in middle earth of late as last weekend saw the first of hopefully a 3 series between Brumtown and Sarrrfhampton. The first round being held at the new Brum venue "The Garden" (down the road a little and run the same fam as our usual venue the Rainbow Pub) It was a scorcher of a day and we were knackered from emulsioning the giant new white panel. But excited as we knew the very same panel would be beautiful 12 hrs later with the help of the two, 3 man teams. Namely..

Southampton - Rem1 / Pykee / Dirty30
Birmingham - Phill Blake / Newso / Ouch

We rolled out the red carpet and got the Eddings out (nice 1 Andy G)

With 2 champs on our side we were feeling pretty confident, but as we kicked off the battle i must admit us Brummies were a little worried as Rem and 30 started putting up nasty looking, big characters really fast.. However our boys soon caught up and Ouch began a crazy landscape for the whole Brum end of the panel, with a sick gallion at the far end, it was on.

Rem 1 goes big!

Phill's world

Ill Phill Blake the purple killer

Slobodan and Skeleton supplied us with a silky selection of beats and breaks as ink spilled.. big respect goes out to our Skelly who ran about in the day smacking up A0 posters in the sun, then still came and totally rinsed out the place. The giant 3 on 3 panel continued to grow as about 6 photographers flashed away (where's ya photo's then people!? big up Witts and Keef - Seeds)

The panel got sicker and sicker and as the battle drew to a close it obviously didn't matter who was gonna win.. the panel is a journey and a half. And can still be seen at the "Garden" in Digbeth at the moment if you fancy a look. Everyone had a great time as standard and all the artists were chuffed with the overal piece, big up ya selfs boys! (+ girl!)
But in the end Brumtown took it 3 nil to win the first stage. Bad luck Southampton! We'll be down to see you guys soon. Tons of thanks..
Out to Rem1, Pykee and Dirty30

It looked a little something like this (big up Witts on the photo's)

Dirty30 and Rem murking it!

Brums final side.. feel the Phill Blake skull power

Almost the whole panel

Thanks to everyone who showed out on such a hot day, big ups.

1-0 to Birmingham.. keep em peeled for more intercity news soon


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