Sunday, 18 January 2009


Wellllllllllll then!
that was very interesting to say the least....

we kinda had a feelin this one would be BIG
and it certainly was.
As the Rainbow shuddered in what felt like the eye of a hurricane, the sw brum family braved the weather to see the series 2 second quarter final go down.

4 hungry artists, everything to play for. The hype was apparent.

NEWSO had a load of giant foam hands with his signature face with eyes on. Fans waved them as others wore tee's with his name on. NEWSO fans were in the building. TONY had his work cut out.. So CRYZE v NEWSO, local graf legend versus reigning champion, both worked the crowd as soon as the battle began. CRYZE donning his NEWSO tee rocked a big CRYZE burner and popped off to the disabled toilets every 10 minutes. NEWSO brought out a Tony The Tiger character holding a perfectly executed take on one of cryzes old characters. CRYZE massacred, begging for mercy. All out votes to NEWSO, well done that man ... will he ever be defeated ????

The other boards had SAM BEVLAK the only outta towner v OBENZAH a straight up member of the SW brum fam.. OBENZAH came real hard, real fast with a giant octopus like character coming from a craking open ground below.

However BEVLAK came out with a true battle piece making out OBENZAH as a wind-up toy... thats what its all about ya gets!? a truly dope secret wars panel. Brilliant letters, perfect characters. A deserved winner!

Shouts to everyone who reached and made this round what it was . We literally can't wait for the semi's, id do 'em tonight if i could..! SO now its all about PHILL BLAKE v KUNGFO and NEWSO v SAM BEVLAK. Only 4 remain.... who will it be?

Footage from TRAV by start of next week.. also more photo's on


P.S ... we'd like to dedicated last nights rhubarb show to the legend that was.. Mr Tony Hart who sadly passed away this afternoon aged 83. an inspiration to not just many ... but generations over and over. (dont forget you can listen again on

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