Wednesday, 25 February 2009

semi final 1 - Phillthy Blake takes it by a whisker

Hello All..

It was a sunny saturday in brumtown and our spirits were high knowing that the 2 artists in this semi would both bring some heavyweight pieces. The ever hungry Kungfo, (who lost in the final last series) wanted desperately to win. With his pinned up right hand he pushed on.. using both hands to draw with. Big props out to you Kungfo for battling. No surrender brother!
Phill Blake, also massively hungry to win after losing in the semi's last series. Came out fighting. Both artists went big straight away, putting up big thick lines to begin. A transfixed crowd were immediately sucked in knowing this battle was gonna be a tight one..

The Brum resident dj's hyped up the front and back of the pub as it continued to fill throughout the night. As the crowd grew, the artists were moving really fast and the panels began to look dope. Phill put up 2 amazonian-esque women in his illustrative, tidy style. As Kungfo fought hard with his trademark cats in amongst a forest of lines. Time ticked away but both artists were finished as we approached the last 5 minutes. Both panels were tight. This was gonna be a close call...

dj mes and frendo getting it done

With a new decibel reader in effect, the judges wrote their votes down and we rocked the crowd vote. The tightest yet, with Phill taking it by a mere .1 of a decibel. We were glad we'd got that new reader! Phill was 1 nil up. With our first judge revealing Kungfo, it was one all... the room was buzzing now desperate to who was gonna go to the final... the 2nd judge went for Phill and it was written. Kungfo out, Phill goes through. A big congratulation out to you Philth! and bad luck out to Kungfo. You fought well soldier.

ill Phill Blake


And there it is, Phill now awaits to see who he will face in what will be a huge final in the Rainbow Warehouse on April 11th.. stay tuned people!

Special shout out to our video king Mr. Trav who despite breaking his ankle the night before still arrived ready to film.. you a legend Trav! and extra shouts to our new friend su-hon all the way from Canada who travelled and got plenty quality footage too ... good work that man.

love love
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