Tuesday, 10 March 2009

semi final 2 sam bevlak the murderer

afternoon all

Second semi final in Birmingham, three words. Big big big.

Series 1 champion Newso, the undefeated fist master faced solo roller Sam Bevlak in what was to be an epic encounter. Sam arrived straight from a night in Brighton, alone.. but ready for action. Newso arriving later with his usual fan club in tow. . The venue soon filled with heads as all the Brum fans knew this one was not to be missed.

As we waited for special guest Reeps1, residents Automaton, Royal + Skeleton held down the courtyard and the live feed to Rhubarbradio.com. The battle started around 11 and both artists immediately went big and bold, Newso began some odd looking character which didn't make sense at first as Bevlak some big letters that read "Newso, schmewso"

no holds barred.

Newso's "beefflap" character came to form to reveal a hideous beast which can't really be described, check this pic:

It was getting pretty dark! And as the judges watched on, an excited crowd were obviously well up for the following crowd vote. We took the judges votes and put them to one side, then in true x factor style we made all crew wait as Reeps hyped everyone up to fever pitch with a ridiculous 10 minute set. He wowed the audience with his new school dubstep business, keep your eye on yout tube and rhubarb for some of that..

Then on to the all important crowd vote. Newso went first with his brum contigent giving it large. But unbelievably Bevlak's vote was wayyyy louder and the decibel reader went flying as Slobz got knocked about the stage by crazed fans (shortly after this photo was taken).

So 1-0 Bevlak, All about the judges..
first up - Bevlak, and 2nd up (not that it mattered) Bevlak again to take it 3 nil.
The solo roller comes in and smashes it, big up!

We all celebrated and commiserated together with a great party till about 4am. As Standard. With musical treats supplied by Adamn Noise, Captain Crunch + Reeps dropping more fire.

A special shout to Trav for coming to film even thought he i still on his crutches, Callum for helping him out too.. Footage soon. In the meantime check out Curt's photo's from http://www.thebhm.blogspot.com/ on our myspace at http://www.myspace.com/secretwarsbrum (also more pics up on there from semi final 1)
and all at http://www.rhubarbradio.com/

Roll on the Phill Blake V Sam Bevlak final April 11th in the Rainbow Warehouse!

Seeds and Slobz


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